Messages From Our Previous Clients In San Jose And Surrounding Areas

Throughout the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with countless clients living in the city of San Jose and its neighboring communities. And it was our pleasure to provide them with services ranging from erectile dysfunction therapy to premature ejaculation treatment programs that have helped them overcome their condition, as well as to improve their overall health and wellness.

To learn more about their experience with us and what they have to say about our health and wellness professionals, here are some messages and testimonials from our clients throughout San Jose.

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I will definitely be a repeat customer

Numbiya, is very detailed oriented. She has a calming affect on you. I'm a trucker and spend long hours behind the wheel, after being on the road for weeks l was in need of a deep tissue massage. Numbiya is wonderful, her consultation is therapeutic. She relieved the tension and stress of the road. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Yes, I will tell my friends.

I B.

I’m confident in her ability to help those in need.

Over the last 7years I have referred many clients to Numbiya at Men's Health. She has helped my clientele with issues from prostate to diabetic Health problems. I'm confident in her ability to help those in need.

Elynne G.

She was very professional

Pulled my calf muscle on Friday. Went on Sunday. Numbyia was very good. She was very professional. She really worked on stretching and then with her unique massaging technique. I left feeling much better then I did. Also feeling even better today. Very happy I went! I recommend her for whatever you have a issue with.

Joel B.

Make your appointment today

Wow this sister is awesome. She will make you feel comfortable with her. She's a great listener, she takes good notes, she makes the atmosphere calming for you to relax & all you need to do is explain your health needs, she has literature & herbs to help you move forward to better health.... Give her a try & through her expertise of holistic health she will make sure if you need to ask her any questions you will be fully aware of your health needs!!! Make your appointment today....

Dara B.

It is rare to find someone who has a genuine care for elderly men

Numbiya performed a full body massage for my 80-year old father. He felt relaxed and even had a smile after. It is rare to find someone who has a genuine care for elderly men and it is a gift that we have her in the Bay Area. Highly recommended.

C C.

professional, resourceful and highly skilled

Went to my first session with Numbiya yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. She is professional, resourceful and highly skilled. Her ability to address my specific issues and her attentiveness were phenomenal. My body felt banged up prior to our session but her mixture of African and Thai techniques left me feeling like a new man. She focuses on all parts of your body from head to toe. If you want to feel rejuvenated by an expert who cares about Men's health then book a session with her immediately.

Howard B.

You don’t have to be ashamed of any issue you come to her with

What can I say, YAY NUMBIYA!!! I have been looking for a therapist like her for a long time. Had my first session yesterday and I feel great. She listened to my issues and got to work on them. Not rushed, she took her time and spoke with me after the session as well. It is a no judgment free zone! You don't have to be ashamed of any issue you come to her with. (She probably heard it all, she is a pro) I am a big ex-military guy and thought that I can handle my problems by myself, or needed to be embarrassed. That turned out to be a mistake. If you have any men's health issue, this is the place to be. Do not think twice like I did and wait too long, you will regret having waited. I booked my next appointment, she even worked with me on the fee. Thank you Numbiya for starting me on a new path.

Bert P.

Highly Recommended!!!

Just saw Numbiya last week, and the massage and bodywork were fantastic! I had a 90 minute session, and there was plenty of Swedish, shiatsu, stretching, and the African - Thai massage, which is pretty unique. It's hard to describe or do justice to in a written review, but suffice it to say that when I was done I felt fully relaxed and invigorated! Numbiya is very friendly and personable, and puts you totally at ease. She will ask you about your health and what is bothering you, and generally get a sense of you as a person before you begin the massage. She also checks in regularly during the massage, and encourages you to do so if you're experiencing pain or want something else addressed. It is a very warm and nurturing atmosphere with a friendly and caring person. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Samuel B.

You Will Never Forget it!

IT'S SEPTEMBER 2014. DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR PROSTATE IS? Numbiya knows, and she also knows what type of care it and you need in this stressful, grueling world. September is Men's Wellness Month, and Numbiya is best situated to welcome you to it and see you through it, healthfully and safely and happily. Don't delay! Make an appointment to see Numbiya today. You will not regret it --- and you will never forget it!

Samuel B.