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Sleep and Its Benefits For Men’s Health

Sleep is vital for overall as well as optimal sexual health. It helps the body recover from the tough daily routine and prepares him for the next. On the other hand, lack of sleep can be detrimental to health and increase the risk of contracting serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity.

Researchers have investigated the role of healthy sleep in specific perspectives of sexual function and concluded that a sound sleep of at least 7-8 hours is crucial for men. Here’s how sleep affects men’s sexual health.


Much of the testosterone in humans is produced while sleeping. It plays an important role in men’s sexual function, from fueling sex drive (libido) to building erections. When you don’t get adequate sleep, the testosterone levels in your blood fall and may lead to sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and impotence.


Lack of sleep has been associated with poor sexual judgment in males. According to a recent study of university students, men with sleep deprivation were more likely to consider a woman had sexual intentions compared to well-rested men. The opposite was not true, women not getting a proper sleeping did not misjudge the sexual interest of men.

Desire and Arousal

A study demonstrates that a majority of men have more libido (feel more sexual desire) the day after a healthy night’s sleep. Those who slept for more than 7 hours felt more stimulated and were more likely to have copulation the subsequent day.

Male Fertility

According to a recent study, the sperm count of men wearing tight underwear was lower than that of others. The number of sperms and desire for sexual intercourse also comes down to other factors such as the body temperature, thoughts and feelings, and sleep cycle. The study concluded that exposure to heat and inadequate sleep greatly affects the production of spermatozoa. This is why the testicles remain between 4 and 6 degrees colder when they are suspended under the body. As sleeping allows your body to free yourself from the underwear, it could help increase libido and the ability to achieve and maintain an erection.


A study of men above 40 found that those with severe sleeplessness (who slept less than seven hours) per day were less likely to feel sexually satisfied. The same study found that 80% of the male participants with healthy sleep cycles are not only satisfied with their intimation, but also have reduced levels of stress causing hormone in their body. Sleep problems often cause men and women to use separate beds or rooms. When this happens, sexual relationships may begin to deteriorate as most people begin sexual activity in bed before falling asleep. Couples in such circumstances may need to consider some solutions so they can keep their sexual desire high. For instance, they may choose to have sex at an earlier time or schedule a “date” in one of the bedrooms. If you have constant problems with sleep, modifying your diet and lifestyle (like having a relaxing sleep routine and cutting the use of electronics at bedtime) and getting professional help can be helpful. You should consider a full body stretch massage from an experienced professional. It will not only help you get a sound sleep, but also reduce your muscle soreness and anxiety that are causing sexual problems for you like a reduced libido or erectile dysfunction. Sometimes, problems like sleep apnea hinder adequate rest, so consulting a physician for sleep difficulties is another option.

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