Here Are Some Benefits Of Improving Intimate Wellness For Males Living In San Jose And Surrounding Areas

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6258271286_257e60a9ce_bLearn to receive, so you can keep giving. Gentlemen Health & Fitness using Stretch Therapy Massage, nutrition, and education to promote & improve or maintain total body health. Clients will enhance a healthy relationship through confidence and stamina. My sessions are for the man who requires quality with a nurturing touch. Men who are athletic professional executives, technology, blue collar, or drivers; this is the session for you!
Massage is one of the oldest, simplest forms of therapy. A system of stroking, pressing and kneading the skin and soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) in different areas to relieve pain, relax, stimulate, and tone the body. Massage also stimulates blood circulation and assists the lymphatic system (which runs parallel to the circulatory system), improving the limination of waste throughout the body.

Benefits Of Stretch Therapy Massage:

  • Relaxing
  • Healing
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Reducing pain
  • Easing tension
  • Improves breathing
  • Increases circulation
  • Enhances well-being
  • Improves quality of sleep

The Effects
Although a single stretch out session will be enjoyable, the effects of African-Thai Stretch are cumulative and a course of massage treatments will bring the most benefits. Regular massage can have the effect of strengthening and toning the entire body mechanism, and so help to prevent unnecessary strains and injuries that might otherwise occur due to excess tension and any resulting structural weaknesses. Holistic health can stimulate or calm the nervous system depending upon what is required by the individual and thus help reduce fatigue, leaving the receiver with a feeling of replenished energy. At its best, massage, yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic, occupational and physical therapy has the potential to restore the individual physically, mentally and spiritually.


Welcome to the Health Definitions Page!  As a Holistic Disease Prevention and African-Thai Therapist specializing in Men's Health over 50, here are a list of Men's Health definitions that will help you understand men's health prevention, recovery, causes and solutions to maintain a robust quality of life. NOTE: Some men have said that their first point of health contact may be a nutritionist, massage therapist, mandatory health physical, or intimate partner. We want to thank VIAGRA, CIALIS and LEVITRA for bringing the awareness to men's health. Now you have choices on how you want to proceed to maintain your quality of life.

Male Sexual Performance Anxiety- disorder symptoms (when guys have trouble "getting it up") can happen whereby you do get a penis erection, and as you're about to have sex, you lose your erection, or it can be when you're actually in the course of having sexual intercourse, losing the genital erection, or you don't get a erection at all. So it can happen in any of those kind of ways. Usually what happens is that the person is focusing more or less on the final goal, which is orgasms or pleasing the partner with an orgasm, and not really focusing on all the rest of what goes on in the sexual encounter, focus more on the relationship and the sensory experiences that they're having as opposed to the final goal -- more focusing on the process rather than the product.

Men’s Health- in general practice is defined as the holistic management of health conditions and risks
that are most common or specific to men in order to promote optimal physical, emotional and social
health in the general practice setting.1 While male sexual health is important, men’s health goes
beyond sexual and reproductive health.

Impotence: A common problem among men characterized by the consistent inability to sustain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse or the inability to achieve ejaculation, or both. Impotence can vary. It can involve a total inability to achieve an erection or ejaculation, an inconsistent ability to do so, or a tendency to sustain only very brief erections.

Testosterone: A "male hormone" -- a sex hormone produced by the testes that encourages the development of male sexual characteristics, stimulates the activity of the male secondary sex characteristics, and prevents changes in them following castration.

Prostate - is a walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and the penis. Vital reproductive organ.

Sexology - the art and science of helping other people with their sexual problems, has been an integrated part of every culture throughout history. The original holistic sexological therapy, using both talking and touching for healing, developed into either talk therapy or touch therapy during the 20th century. The practice of holistic sexology consist of therapeutic conversation and manual sexological therapy, often called “pelvic floor physical therapy. Sexology is the study of human sexual behavior; (Imprint: Nova Biomedical)

Sensual: means physically pleasing. It often is used in a sexual context, but is not exclusively sexual in meaning. NOTE: Not all men who seek professional holistic massage are expecting or even want illegal prostitution or "special endings". These GENTLEMEN are in need of muscle tension, inflammation, and stress reduction so they can continue to improve their quality of life. We acknowledge these hard working men with the professionalism they deserve so they can feel great about having a healthy conversation with their medical provider or health professionals to get the most out of their health insurance plans.

Sensual has to do with the five senses, but it comes with a hint of lewdness, a suggestion of sex. Although you could have a sensual meal or experience that doesn’t involve romance, if you want a word that refers to the five senses without any unsavory connotations, use its cousin sensuous; affecting the senses in a pleasing way : pleasant, attractive, or appealing in a way that produces or suggests feelings of physical or sexual pleasure.