Exceptional Erectile Dysfunction & Pelvic Floor Therapy In San Jose And Surrounding Areas

Gentlemen Health & Wellness offers a wide variety of treatment programs that are designed to improve the wellness of males above the age of 50 in the city of San Jose, as well as its neighboring communities. These include pelvic floor therapy, lower back pain therapy, erectile dysfunction therapy, and even African-Thai Congo treatment, among others. Our specialists have years of experience when it comes to performing different types of treatments and therapies, so you can rest assured that every session relieves you of the pain that you’re experiencing.

Although we specialize in performing pelvic floor therapy, we also provide other treatments that improve the sexual health of males living in San Jose and its nearby areas. We have a team of skilled and experienced wellness therapists who can better assist you with serious conditions such as prostate health, spinal sciatic, and pelvic tension.

Feel free to take a look at the other services that we provide to men living in and around San Jose, as well as its surrounding cities:

Prostate Cancer Prevention & Recovery African-Thai Combination

  • This includes total body therapy, nutrition, education for prevention, recovery disease control, and Tantra Wellness. Please note that the sessions are NOT RUSHED.
  • Recommended first time session: $360/ 90 minutes.

Male Pelvic Low Back Hip Fitness Session

  • This includes prevention and recovery for hernia, pulled groin, and lower back pain. It benefits reproductive health in the areas of erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety, healthy communication, nutrition, blood flow circulation, and inflammation reduction to increase total body performance.
  • $260/ 60 minutes.

African-Thai Congo Therapy

  • Tribal-style stretch massage of rural villages across Thailand and the African Congo. This involves a sequence of gliding and pulling while reducing tension in the muscles and joints, and an African-style deep tissue and relaxation without the pain and bruises. It’s ideal for athletes and people who regularly partake in physical activities. Use of legs, knees, thighs, and arms for maximum results. This is beneficial for spinal tension, work/sports injury, hernia, groin pain, pelvic inflammation, joints, neck, shoulders, tension, and holistic massage relaxation.
  • $135/ session up to 90 minutes.

Tantra Wellness — African Athletic Stretch Wellness Therapy (for men over 50)

  • This increases blood flow to pelvic floor muscles while releasing pressure and tension in the groin. It provides total body stimulation and enhancement (Intimate Wellness).
  • $360/ 90 minutes.

We offer competitive rates for our pelvic floor therapy and the other services that we provide across San Jose:

  • 1.5 hour sessions (minimum 3 sessions in 30 days for best results) – $360.00 per session
  • One session a la cart (1.5 hour) – $425

Get in touch with our team of professionals for pelvic floor therapy, as well as for other treatment programs that will help improve your sexual health and wellness. You can directly give us a call at (510) 663-8106 or 408-909-0291 for faster transactions. Alternatively, you can also send us an email via our Contact Us page and we’ll have one of our staff members attend to you and your needs.