Effective Silicon Valley Pelvic Therapy

healthymanwmWillpower is the outgrowth of definiteness of purpose expressed through persistent action, based on personal initiative. – Napoleon Hill

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“The ultimate goal of a more effective and efficient life is to provide you with enough time to enjoy some of it.”
– Michael LeBoeuf: American author

Live longer, stronger and vibrant with these holistic healing services:

Prostate Cancer Prevention & Recovery African-Thai Combination: Includes total body therapy, nutrition, education for prevention and recovery disease control. Sessions are not RUSHED!
$260 Recommended first time session 90 minutes.

Male Pelvic Low Back Hip Fitness Session: Prevention and recovery for hernia, pulled groin, and lower back pain. Benefits reproductive health in the areas of erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety, healthy communication, nutrition, blood flow circulation, inflammation reduction to increase total body performance.
$200 60 minutes

African-Thai Congo Therapy: Tribal style stretch massage of rural villages of Thailand and the African Congo. A sequence of gliding and pulling while reducing tension in the muscles and joints. African style deep tissue and relaxation without the pain and bruises. Ideal for athletes and physical persons. Use of legs, knees, thighs, and arms for maximum results. Beneficial for spinal tension, work/sports injury, hernia, groin pain, pelvic inflammation, joints, neck, shoulders, tension and holistic massage relaxation.
$135.00 a session up to 90 minutes

African Athletic Stretch Tantra Therapy (for Men over 50): Increase blood flow to pelvic floor muscles while releasing pressure and tension in groin. Provides total body stimulation and enhancement (Reproductive Health)
$260 90 minutes

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