Reliable Sexual Performance Anxiety & Premature Ejaculation Treatments In San Jose And Surrounding Areas

“Intimate Wellness is important, it affects your overall body mechanism”

We all know this, and especially men who understand it but take no action are probably the ones who suffer the most also. Being aware of your sexual health or sexual intimacy is a plus point, but not taking any action and shying away will affect your body contentment adversely. 

Premature Ejaculation and Performance Anxiety Shouldn’t be a Source of Shame! 

We know you are losing sleep because performance anxiety is creating pressure on your mental and physical health. But do you often feel frustrated and unsatisfied because of premature ejaculation? Do you often blame yourself for your inability to control and make more pleasure during intercourse with your partner? 

Anxiety is harmful, and in this case, you may end up ruining the most beautiful connections in life. So please, don’t be afraid of the concern and take action to work on it. 

It is alright because you are not alone, and this is not something you should be extremely worried about. Instead, talk to us. We have dealt with simple to more complex issues regarding premature ejaculation, and we are sure that yours is just a thought.

PE is a common sexual complaint that affects 1 in every 3 males, according to estimates. 

At the beginning of sexual intercourse, most men want to last as long as possible before ejaculating. However, this is not an option for some, owing to psychological or physical conditions. 

Two different sets of criteria can define premature Ejaculators:

  • Any man who always or nearly always climaxes within one minute after penetration may have PE and should seek medical attention.
  • It’s only considered abnormal if you cannot delay your orgasm during sex at all or almost all times which also leads to distress & frustration from avoiding intimacy due to fear of early release.

As long as these issues occur infrequently, there isn’t much cause for concern, but if it happens regularly, you need to seek your sexual health practitioner urgently. 

Is Premature Ejaculation Performance Anxiety treatable? 

Premature ejaculation is a common and treatable condition that many men feel embarrassed talking about. 

It can be classified in two ways, lifelong or acquired. 

Lifelong premature ejaculation occurs all the time at your first sexual encounter, while acquired could happen after previous experiences without an issue with it happening before.

So, it depends on your sexual health history that we provide treatment and therapies to improve at it. It is common and should not be considered as a taboo. Anxiety happens due to pressure and that pressure is aroused through uncomfortable thoughts. 

Psychological factors can play a role in premature ejaculation and any biological aspect like testosterone levels or how sensitive the penis may be. Counseling techniques, medications, and sexual practices such as delaying orgasm for your partner are all effective treatments to help improve sex for you as well as in semen retention. 

Once you know the reason behind it, you can deal with performance anxiety more confidently. 

Why is it essential for you to consider Premature Ejaculation important? 

Premature ejaculation performance anxiety can cause problems in your personal life, including:

Stress and relationship problems: A common complication of premature ejaculation is that it may lead to some stress or strain on relationships with partners because sex might be shorter than desired, leading to dissatisfaction for both parties involved. 

Fertility Problems Premature Ejaculation: Occasionally making fertilization difficult for couples trying to have a baby if ejaculate doesn’t occur intravaginally. 

Honestly, sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being related to one’s sexuality. It does not just mean the absence of disease or infirmity; it means feeling good about oneself in this regard instead of suffering from dysfunction such as sexual addiction or compulsive masturbation, which can be harmful on many levels.

Break the stereotypes and talk about your sexual health. There is support available. We at Gentlemen Health make sure that you have the best of everything you want, but without a healthy discussion, this isn’t possible. 

Why talk to us? 

We consider a holistic growth of an individual, and that is attained through multiple factors. Therefore, as your holistic sexual health practitioner, we combine several modalities specializing in men’s pelvic floor opening. Those are used by chiropractors, RN’s, and clinical sex therapists. 

So, it’s not one way but many to help you.

One common technique and the most powerful one is Erogenous Zone Stretch Therapy.

We all have erogenous zones, but everyone’s different. For some people, it can be the tiny nape of their neck or a single finger stroke on their scalp, while others may enjoy having one thigh rubbed during sex. 

The bottom line is that we all experience sensations differently, and consequently, our hotspots differ as well!

For most people, they might not even know what makes them feel tingly good until someone else touches them in just the right way. 

So you are going to want to pay attention when your partner starts exploring because this could lead to vast amounts of sexual satisfaction for both of you. 

Let’s Talk – We are all Ears

For some men, a conversation with their doctor might help to lessen concerns about premature ejaculation. 

It is often reassuring for them to hear that occasional premature ejaculations are regular. The average time from the beginning of intercourse until orgasm/ejaculation is just five minutes on average.

Yes, premature ejaculation performance anxiety is natural, and you should seek help as early as possible. The faster you understand, the more it gets better. 

Do you want to try the most satisfying therapy that can add more value to your wellness aesthetics? 

The Ultimate African Thai Stretch Tantra by Gentlemen Health is a holistic solution for premature ejaculation and helps in elevating your confidence and overall sexual wellness. At just $360, the session is designed to give you a cohesive experience to make you internally ready for your next sexual intercourse, allowing for better intimate wellness. 

Let the soul feel enhanced & absolved. 

Talk to us today!


1.5 hour sessions (minimum 3 sessions in 30 days for best results) – $360.00 per session

One session a la cart (1.5 hour) – $425